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letra de wolverine - jaront


first verse:

(t. ross)


stained gl-ss. colorful isms
christen the pain in my -ss. the whole cadence is wack
we groove to a different flow. my mission is to
refract my soul’s indigo to the pinnacle
i once paid a doctor to switch out my blood for vodka
so i could stop my brain from getting locked up
i stay in touch like druids. on some new school sh-t
rolling with the fluid and my dreams are the bluest
so, minimize your status. rappers to the casket
blowing on dutchmasters til i blow a gasket
(always) better than the last hit. this is what my task is:
take the game and unmask it like reptiles spitting acid
mortal kombat tactics. opposite of pacifist
you ain’t doing jack sh-t. we way more than adequate
pick apart the style. reconnect it: more elaborate
catch me if you can. i maneuver like a maverick

second verse:

(dax merlin)

sometimes a magic dragon. puff, puff and p-ss em
kicked it as a habit. wasn’t worth it so i’m blasting off
casting off. lurking backwards, laughing as i mastered all
mastodon director look. party more!! deflect a crook
moving to the presence. standing comfortably besides my brethren
moving all these masticators. masturbators acting faded
activated agitator. actively infatuated
p-ssively, i’m graduating. masters of imagination
mostly though; living sober for the focus flow
putting in the time to make the artwork so my toes could grow
reading, writing, walking, talking. public art for public gawking
talking, flocking. doctor hawking. c-cky b-st-rd. hot and bothered
blast oooooooffff
tame the neck and raise a chest and vestfully respect your best
messsy, and then we clean it up after
a test i hope you p-ss so i can laugh. go watch a movie next

third verse:

witness the authentic genesis of my tremendous penmanship
released, ending the censorship. please check in your membership
to the club. our mission is just to be flipping a cut we’ll be ripping it up
tell every chick and her cousin that lives in your hub to come and get with the buzz and listen to us
fixed element. it’s clever and it’s elegant
relevant as h-ll even when everybody’s h-lla bent
my weed is cheese mixed with blueberry
two tokes a piece will get your crew very blasted
p-ss that hash and that gl-ss of cherry absinthe
we got s-ssafr-ss and acid. grab a flask and tear a tablet
we do marathoner rhyming. i’m a paragon of timing
i’m aware of all my sides and i compare my fall and rising
i’m a be ill very, you guys should be wary
i’m a bean town area rhyme disease carrier
leaving all my cause and problems throbbing through your ear hole
o-okay, you’re a goblin. what’s a goblin to a hero?