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letra de lost journey - jandek


remember when you talked to your shoe
and told it where to take your foot
so now when you have no clothes
what do you say with your body

through the sphinx of your thoughts you know
how to do what you need to do
except your mind and your body don’t agree
to your dismay and your failure to act

so now where is the accordion player
where is the one who cared who you were
you’re falling out of all your friends
even those who love you most
are you going to the trials you knew
are you forgetting what you want to be
oh how do i wake from this unconscious
how do my desires become my life

a thousand thank yous aren’t enough
loving you so much doesn’t win your heart
no one puts their trust in failure
no matter the pledges of success

ground to the earth like pebbles of sand
your footsteps on me walking away