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letra de sadness - james cooper


[verse 1]
lately i been looking for happiness
with all this pain ain’t no patching this
accepted the fact to live in sadness
cayouse everything around me is a madness
its like you loved me yesterday
now i’m all alone today
you kept pushing me away
good for you its my heart that you played

[verse 2]
everything ’bout you was just perfect
looking back when we first met
realize it wasn’t even worth it
cause you went on and you f-cking left
now i’m sitting all alone, always depressed
if only i would have known
where it all went wrong
guess i’ll never know just gotta stay strong

[verse 3]
sitting under the streetlights
thinking ’bout my past twice
thought our relationship would forever last
looking back, yeah we had a blast
back when you told me i made you the happiest person alive
then you went on and left me was it all just a f-cking lie
can’t express how much i loved you
and how i wish i could get over you
but right now, it seems like something i’m not able to do
you changed my life
really thought one day i would call you my wife
thought we’d grow old together
but you left me in the rain and cloudy weather
[verse 4]
i remember the good old days and the places that we went to
now i’m all alone at home and i miss you
now i’m here writing a song
’bout what i’ve been through
it’s time for me to accept the fact that you’re gone
and move on

[verse 5]
i’m broken
you had the key to my heart it was like a token
when you went on and left it broke my heart felt like a f-cking explosion
and i’m lost
scared to love again cause i don’t know if i can go back to the old bridge i once crossed
tired of being lonely
one day i hope to be happy again
but i gotta take it slowly
going on late night drives
blasting sad music staying up till five
thinking about you
and honestly can’t wait for the day where i can happily say f-ck you

can’t wait to finally be over you
just gotta stay strong and pull through
i know soon i’ll be the old me
i’m tired of acting f-cking happy
people tell me i care too much
i guess it was something i learned from your touch
should have realized sooner
you were always the f-cking ruler
just gotta accept to live in this sadness
always stay inside in the f-cking blackness
will i ever find love again
and if so