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like red. - jamdbar



best in the game, call me red!
no one can beat me, in pallet town!
the games, the same
it’s just a different, system
i use mega drain, yall ain’t kings
but, the, heads, insane
like jigglypuff, yall sleep on me now
but yall get a shock, when you wake up
no that ain’t makeup
yall-have-a-face-like-cal… chuchesta
this sh-t 7/10
this sh-t 7/10
i wear a big hat
like, a, mismagius
it’s not a sunny day, use, dream!, eater!
i’m a, real!, n-gg-!
but i ain’t!, oops all your pokemon faint!
tell em get back
set the world ablaze
i’m so mischievous
yall have no vision
like a zubat
heard you ain’t, evolving
heard you ain’t, walking
like chimecho, absol, i’m the weed pokemon like, oddish!
ain’t got polish!
but i only want head, like glalie, infact
she’s got the jaw, of a mega glalie
i’ve got the p-rn, it’s my ally
i’m forming an alibi
i’m-fire-like-reshiram, who gives a f-ck if i’m vast white?
all these stans, i better back stab em and go alt-right!
your zekrom, yall, deep black
but yall, creep’s wack
kinda funny, considering your only move,…“imprison”
yall be on that sleep, talk
tell these lames to f-ck, off