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letra de zooper dooper - jakprogresso



– today, class, we’re gonna talk a little about casket side manner, and body display!


yo, waterhead typhoon, new the clear thai food
both hands embalmed when i try to, make dust
peelin’ skin off my fingers like dried glue
super zooper wax tarp in, a human hash market
i’m dabbin’ in green slats by the back golf in
psychic game i’m mack dolphins, stretched solvents
went lit fishin’, by a brook trout
fresh core, cookin’ wood fire on a dead mosh
song from the pints pleasant felt
out the hunter lodge slung the pheasant belt, stone harf headed out
boil fiddlehead in reddish kelp, zooper
in the stooper keys, no piano on that beat
rip your eardrums out, and drop an anvil on it
severed head in my lap (what?)
i know it’s wrong, put it back in a black plastic bag, and wrote this song
this beat vintage (what?), like it brought my folks along
coke stains on the corduroys chalky
then talky, if a pork knuckle on the walkie
i held a conference, pull a piece, if the h-ll is wanted
quick to open my jacket like i’m sellin’ watches
sh-t is darky, and corny…

i’m the jack of all trades, the master of the morgue
entrepreneur by day, embalmer by night
and drainin’ blood from dead bodies, is my life!