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letra de basic bitch - jakewolf


i am not impressed
ho, you needa check yourself
b-tch, you disrespect yourself
get railed. get nailed
get used up, old, and stale
used up, then they bail
f-ck n0body care
all i motherf-cking see, hungry hoes eat c-ck
nah, b-tch, why you think you hot?
basic all you got
basic b-tch
ay, nah b-tch, i don’t play
f-ck all that you say
all you do, complain, bout problems that you made
your godd-mn-motherf-ckin-self
b-tch, quit askin me for f-ckin’ help
i ain’t got a thing to tell
b-tch, you poor and dumb as well
b-tch, i know you cannot even spell
nah b-tch, you ain’t learn from sh-t
why don’t you just f-cking quit
that’s all you good at
do that
dumb ass
you ain’t bad
b-tch, you whack
i ain’t got no time for that
basic b-tch