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bandolier - jack hardy


[verse 1]
bandolier, you are clear to the border
but i fear you are not comin’ back
when you ride ‘long the ridge, ‘long that box canyon ditch
as far as the old railroad track

[verse 2]
they are moving the troops by that railroad
and the gatling guns have been oiled
and the dust has been mixed with the blood, soil and ticks
but his bandage is pure white and boiled

[verse 3]
and you know where that train stops for water
for those are the rules of the game
and the lanterns that stand made of old tin cans
show the glint of his t–th in a frame

[verse 4]
you have thirty sh-lls left for your rifle
and the one in the chamber has a name
there’s no clean way to die that the women won’t cry
when it spreads in a dark ruby stain

[verse 5]
and the years have created that border
forced to finish what they started down here
so you’re goin’ off half-c-cked with your safety unlocked
and the froth of a full bandolier
[verse 6]
and the years’ve not been kind to you either
though kind’s not a word that you pack
‘long with words like revenge, anger and stench
you can shoot but you know they’ll shoot back

[verse 7]
and you put down your spare horse this morning
and one’s not enough for the chase
when they head for the smoke when those boxcars unload
and you know that they well know your face

[verse 8]
then it’s k!ll and be k!lled in your turn
for the devil’s dismal stock of returns
you’ve been down to the crossroads to sell your soul
but he weren’t buyin’ what you had to burn

[verse 9]
where are those that you rode with your young days?
spanish johnny, diamond jim, that gringo
they’ve grown bitter and drunk and given up their guns
and they never once called you amigo

[verse 10]
you used to have to take four shots of mescal
and say prayers to saint clare out of fear
so how can you be so happy in a dirty serape
with a grimy old bandolier?



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