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letra de believe - ja rule



[dialogue from daria morgendorffer on mtv’s “daria”]
my advice is, stand firm for what you believe in
until, and unless, logic and experience prove you wrong

[ja rule]
yeah, shhh
it was supposed to be you and i and the curtains closed
but somewhere along the lines we switched episodes
it’s kinda like when gina left martin for new york
speaking of new york, the city is so lost
even with the knicks lookin to make the playoffs
spike is back on the court, and jeter’s still in the bronx
bloomberg got the city ready for seance
go get your ouija boards out n-gg-z and pray on
you want (drama)? get your f-ckin (kay slay) on
still got the world on my shoulders, a n-gg- headstrong
about to go in; you can lock my body
contract my mind, my thoughts keep escapin
power of the pen it work provoc’ like basquiat
they fancy, ‘cept i paint my pictures lyrically
but fancy enough, b-tch foamin like a swiss b
and we ain’t talkin hoes, we talkin euros and raw weed

who do you believe in?
is it money or the man upstairs? is it power or prayer?
god bless the dead and f-ck the world fast
what’s progression if you never been through backlash
n-gg- what do you believe in?
cause my money’s on me, myself and i, my team and this music
y’all ain’t gon’ believe this
maybe it’s my fault, or maybe y’all just makin excuses

[ja rule]
who do you believe in?
motherf-cker the money is talkin to me and tellin me that it’s lonely
in need of new friends, preferably grants and franklins
and the singles and the fives went to the b-tches
dubs is for wifin in the club, no mention
but you know who you are, n-gg- stop flinchin
stop cuffin; you may not think that it’s a b-tch
but life’s a hoe and everybody’s been f-ckin!
see that’s what i believe in
with n o logic, no need for experience
to f-ck the world would be a lifetime achievement
you make it c-m then e’rybody jump on the d-ck
y’all n-gg-z full of sh-t, that’s why you f-ckin -ssholes
and never smell the sh-t stinkin ’til you get sh-tted on
f-ck ’em all, not for nothin
i ain’t (always on time), too much ice in the vodka muh’f-cker