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letra de taylor made - j1hunnit & big quis


(ooh, sh-t, that’s a danny g beat)
(d-mn, jakesand)

[verse 1: big quis]
cruisin’ down the mile, sales keeps callin’ my celly
what you made in your whole life, i spent that sh-t on my presi’
got a plug on all the drugs, let me know when you ready
from the west, but some eastside n-ggas f-ck with me heavy
had a foreign since a teen, what the f-ck do you mean?
now i’m rockin’ these amiris, twenty thou’ in my jeans
swear to god, we gon’ let off every gun that we bring
these ain’t regular force 1s, check the back, these supremes
i done been inside the county with some n-ggas i shot
i was with my cousin nuke and we pulled off on the cops
got a chain that say my name, the other reppin’ my block
scratched it off my bucket list, i sold bricks with my pops
fifty-thousand-dollar watch, it look better on me
i’ll put bullets in every n-gga that ever tried to ho me
spread them legs, put that pretty p-ssy on my gold t–th
lower the price a little bit, i gotta let my bro eat
wear my chain everywhere, i just do that for bling
i love my wife, but my side b-tch better behave
i ain’t never gon’ change, i’m a 7 mile boss
i’m buyin’ everything i want, don’t give a f-ck what it cost (1hunnit)
[verse 2: j1hunnit]
product of the drug trade
tap the chauffeur, hop out the long-sleeve escalade
the biggest n-gga ballin’, and1 escalade
ain’t gotta up a bill, they see this sh-t, they know i’m paid
a boss n-gga my overhang
threw my arm out tryna cook, blew up like frag grenades
seen the judge, dog wrote a book, even though he dodged the raid
d-mn, i miss my old plug, he had the purest grade
type of sh-t that sell itself and have you rollin’ all day
these n-ggas say they got exotic, man, that weed sprayed
we in the hood playin’ monopoly, they play charades
i look like nino brown, i’m kangol off the prada shades
you need a man to trick and pay your bills? that ain’t my problem, bae
look how we got this sh-t displayed
i’m with my 7 mile partner eatin’ taylor made
unc’ in here slow-burnin’ the brick, the work sautéed
when i get tired of buyin’ diamonds, go opal and jades, hustlin’, stuck in my ways
copin’ with the pain, i’m tryna find my yin and yang
split the jacksons in my pockets with my brothers like jermaine
i’ve been gettin’ it off the songs, they thought my first name was tremaine
boy, put down your f-cking wrist before you bring your clique to shame, n-gga

[outro: j1hunnit]
put your f-ckin’ wrist down ‘fore you bring your clique to shame, n-gga, that sh-t petty as h-ll
dweeb-ass n-gga

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