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letra de furiaso - j-r3mi


[intro: j-r3mi and ]

(uh, yeah)

gotta see wifey. and
swervin’ up, doin’ donuts. (skid)
so nuts with the flow
gotta go crazy, never lazy
they be pushing up daisies
b-tch, hop off my pedal. you ain’t as metal
as you wanna think, so keep your head leveled
that’s how i got where i am
had my hands tied, but i still beat the level
(still beat the level, b-tch)
and i don’t speak ‘less spoken to proper
i prosper on the fact that i am the man
f-ck around, i’ll make you understand
these sands are mine. i run the streets
these peeps in wasteland, what i eat
i need to see what’s at my feet
anything ahead, best believe
i will achieve what i set mine to
gotta make it through ’til i set that moon
make it to my family and hand these
l’s to the foes that hold me back
raise h-ll for a ho that showed me wack
showmanship, but i call it cap
he’s just a p-ssy who’s mad at that
world who took his. lost his two kids. (then)
took the childhood i had
and for mom, i will blast
blast his cap off
drag his ass off
a cliff. show him this -pump- shotty
blast the snot out he
let him rot. yeah, i got ‘im
(we out.)

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