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bout you - j. mcclain


ay, been thinkin’ bout you
everything that we’ve been through
like we never gave up, this could never be luck
feelin love since found you, how do you
make it so easy never wanna leave
every moment with you is every moment i keep
for every word that is spoke and every word that we speak
i’m pulling you close you gotta feel the spark in between, yeah
cause i’m sick of the games everybody be playin
everybody be playin
and i’m needin’ a change
everyday i think of you get me through
it’s the truth you always stuck on my brain
i don’t wanna go without you
everything we could amount to
prayin’ day after day steady giving thanks to god
it’s still hard to believe that i found you
but this feeling so real
they try to knock it down while they only k!llin themselves
7 billion people but you are the one for real
a million different reasons for the way we say how we feel, look
not another phase
all that hurt from before let it fall into its grave
and if everything works maybe we found the better days
rather be no other place

yeah, been thinkin’ bout us
everything that it takes to build this trust
like it’s never been l-st
you were feelin’ so lost thinkin’ that you would never find love, but
things started to change
try to hold back i could hear the pain when you mention my name
i could tell when you were thinking you knew this wasn’t the same
and when i look into your eyes i realize how that feelings so great
was scared as h-ll to want you
but here i am
always wanting you anyway
doesn’t matter time of day
i’ll cut em all off just to fit you in my plans ay
tell me how does it feel
living in a world always seems so real
while everybody round us fake it to make it
i’m here to show you that you’re perfect to me and i really do care
while i’m looking at you i feel complete i see the rest of my life
i wanna wake up every morning by your side
and lay it down next to you
love the view babe that’s all you every night, yeah
they say if your gonna question try letting it go
try letting it go
but i’m holding onto everything just to see what better brings
lovin’ everything i’m sure you already know
let nothing in between
when we first met found it harder just to breathe
beat myself up tryna wake up from a dream
5 months later i guess i’m starting to believe ay
greater the faith
the feeling finally fulfilling the best of all of our fates
i’m floating here really rather be no other place
only thinkin’ bout you late-ly