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letra de dinnerplate - j grizzly


can i play guitar?

[verse 1: j grizzly]
this the best collab since w-ng$ap, f-ck
i ain’t startin’ no beef rap
i’m just sayin’ your girl let me get a brief tap
[?] like gap tooth
dressed up in raf you’re a [?] in my greatness
you need a [?], check out my diamond, boy, like minecraft
who give the wrong [?] opinion?
probably some dumb sh-t, same level on mein kampf
b-tch what struggles? boy, must be a crack
what type of sh-t you smoke?
oh, f-ck your bloodline, your momma, your daddy, your sister, your grandmother and your brother
f-ck your sidepiece, you [?] ex-lovers
on the surface i’m better because i got a couple more bands
my side projects gettin’ powered up
got you in tape [?]
that you ch-nks hate as i watch the money pile up
boy, get your style up, [?] j’s levitating [?]
back in my crib

[interlude: j grizzly]
in the backyard and sh-t
yo, we eatin’ off the dinner plate
sh-t is never late
but i’ma let another ch-nk sink his t–th in for a second
[verse 2: carter tondo]
i’m buzzed off a dart, no one gives it any mind
hair sl!cked in my sweat and my nose is defined
yet i ain’t hungry and stick to myself
for my boy j grizz, i’ll come through for the belt
my main character syndrome be my worst enemy
’til i realize i’m alone, can’t get no friend in me
smokes are my bestie and i drink fresh from the well
gotta work for more time but i’m not like anyone else
i’m a deadbeat dad and i ain’t drake or a vet
the only reds that i’ve smoked take away the regret
i don’t think i was wrong or was i wrong all along?
the dinner plate stays empty, ain’t no food in my home
in turn it’s just like me, poppin’ pills to sleep
how am i supposed to fill it for my family when i can’t for me?
(nah, nah, f-ck that, f-ck that)
i should shut the f-ck up, nah, nah, don’t hang up my gloves
you’s a p-ssy if you thinkin’ you could lose to yourself
if you ain’t hungry, someone’s starvin’ and they’ll sn-tch it like that
and you okay with that? when your face meets their sack?
i gotta move with a purpose, no other way i could word this
j grizzly and me gotta run until our brains go short circuit
i gotta feed my f-ckin’ ch-nkys, if i gotta work for the circus
you know i’m there, you know we there, j grizzly, c tondo, uh

listen bro, this a
this is a hot take but
i don’t think asians should rap

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