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letra de when i die (outro) - j-formz


[verse 1: j-formz]
man, people like to make sh-t up just to try and look tough
but, there’s things i’ve done i’d never tell anyone
sometimes i’m really ashamed, i used to think it was cool
and you can never take back anything that you do
i learned that the hard way, sometimes, when you’re you
it’s worse off for everybody that’s around you, too
i’m gettin bored of this place, i’m losin interest in sh-t
i find myself hatin things that i loved as a kid
i’m just tired of livin, like, son, i’m ready to stop
i’m sick of not knowin if there is a god, or there’s not
i’m sick of not bein good enough for even myself
i’m sick of feelin f-ckin sad, i’m sick of needin some help
i’m sick of bein confused and bein addicted to sh-t
i’m sick of constantly thinkin all this ridiculous sh-t
i’m sick of carin too much or f-ckin wishin i would
i’m sick of not carin enough about the sh-t that i should
i’m lost…
[chorus: sample from the notorious b.i.g. – suicidal thoughts]
when i die, f-ck it, i wanna go to h-ll
cause i’m a piece of sh-t, it ain’t hard to f-ckin tell
i’m sick of n-ggas lyin, i’m sick of b-tches hawkin
matter of fact, i’m sick of talkin…

[verse 2: j-formz]
“shake it off, there’s always tomorrow”, they say
not true, you ain’t never guaranteed the next day
i’m sick of havin to sleep, i never f-ckin fall
i’m actually kind of sick of wakin up, at all…
i’m sick of workin a job so i could “live my life”
sick of everyone tellin me: “it’ll be alright…”
i’m just sick of livin, i’m sick of people dyin
i should give up, just because i’m sick of tryin
i’m sick of cryin and i’m sick of arguin with myself
sick of lovin everything that seems bad for my health
i’m sick of these 4 seasons and repetitive sh-t
i don’t care who’s better, i’m sick of competitive sh-t
i’m sick of showers, sick of cleanin, sick of eatin
sick of listenin to people pretend, and, son, i’m sick of speakin
i’m sick of bein ok with bein awful
i’m sick of havin to take a pill to feel “normal”
you wouldn’t get it…
[chorus: sample from the notorious b.i.g. – suicidal thoughts]

[verse 3: j-formz]
i can’t change, so i guess i’m labeled like this
you do the same thing, you get the same outcome and sh-t
am i insane for tryin to stick it out with this sh-t?
or just another captain that’s goin down with his ship?
“is it fear of the unknown?” you’re god d-mn right
i’m at the end of my tunnel, and i don’t see no light
and i’m sick of the way the world is, for real
sick of not bein able to control how i feel
i’m just sick of bein human and n0body bein perfect
sick of fightin so hard to feel like it ain’t worth it
i’m ready, please know that i forgive you
for anything we’ve ever been through, and, i apologize, too
for not bein who i wanted to be, i really tried
maybe i just didn’t like it feelin happy inside…
“don’t do it! what the f-ck you gonna say to them, son!?”
must’ve been that i hated life more than i loved anyone
i’m done…

[chorus: sample from the notorious b.i.g. – suicidal thoughts]