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letra de 07. fam huh? - iv xxvi


yeah yeah
1 ‘6


i thought we were family why you always on my d-ck
these fights that you pick i’m the one who always win
i keep my mouth shut who doesnt know silent is bliss
i let you lift the trophy make you think that you win

you posting sh-t about me all you care about is views
whatsapp over fam i think its time that you choose
n-gga you made your choices i’m the brother that you lose
all you do is judge us talk sh-t about you bru’s

“i tried n-gga i tried”, saying the tears i cried
i tried to be a good n-gga tell me that i lie
your love is seasonal sometimes is cold as ice
n-gga i read your comments speaking on my love life

you dont like my girl i’ve been reading in your eyes
i know that i’m a f-ck up its written in your mind
the biggest f-ck is you as i’m exiting the house
you can keep your home cause it doesnt feel like mine