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letra de 06. the boom bap freestyle - iv xxvi


[“speech on life fading in/out …”]

n-gg’ you still mad bad
i don’t f-ck with your high -ss
you and i know rap
and i know because i taught you that
that song was whack whack
and you had the f-ckin worse verse
n-gga im still bad bad
like these guns in my backpack
’18 was gap year
im back with the boom bap
’19 is good year
for you is just nightmare
this is not rebirth
im same oak with the hardhead
uvanzi on my back
its f-ckin heavy would you carry that

i been into h-ll and back
i came back with body bag
i’m stupid with the pen game
now tell me who can top that

n-gg’ i see a big gap
now show me where your -ss at
you and i know that
i be rapping after i’m dead
we both know your new rap
it’s sounding like my old rap
n-gg’ you not gang gang
ima hit you with the bam slam
i don’t know your game plan
i don’t wanna be a part of that
all i know you d-mn whack
im not playin n-gga i mean that

[“speech on life fading out …”]