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letra de 02. twenty12 - iv xxvi


yeah yeah
1 ‘6


twenty twelve i was a mess, sh-t got real i got depressed
when life was whipping my -ss, with no one holding my hand
the whole world over my chest, i was young i tried my best
i broke up with all my girls, i believe was never meant

i moved on onto the next, though i knew would never work
all we had was f-ckin s-x, we broke up with a f-ckin text
twenty one i lost my dad, ever since i’ve been a man
i’m just tryna raise my girl, put my city on the map

and make peace with all my bros, f-ck things up with all my wolves
drink champagne with all my hoes, make a name before i go
been betrayed by lotta folks, they tryna rip what i sow

from my heart the love i pour, think it’s time you n-ggas know
for my art i would go to war, if i lose say f-ck the law-www …