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letra de friends - imtrollmastr


in a world that’s spinning ’round
through the ups and downs
we’ll stick together hand in hand
friends forever we’ll take a stand
in times of joy or times of sorrow
with you there’s always a brighter tomorrow
through thick and thin we’ll never part
friends like us have a special heart
a bond so strong it will never break
in each other’s love we will partake
so here’s to friendship pure and true
with you by my side there’s nothing we can’t do
friends in unity let’s dance and sing
togеther forever lеt the joy ring
in this world that’s full of trends
forever grateful for my friends

in a world that’s ever-changing
we stand together never fading
through highs and lows we’ll always mend
’cause true friendship never ends
in laughter in tears we find our way
together we’ll seize the day
through stormy nights and sunny trends
with friends we’ll always transcend
a bond so strong like melodies in the wind
through every note our friendship pinned
in harmony our hearts will blend
forever loyal forever friends

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