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letra de -1xp! :( - ilysdead



i always stop myself from having happy days
long belated car drives to where it doesn’t rain
coping with emotions and i really hate this pain
i’m f-cking broke and still supposed to buy my mom a wraith?
how can i move away and still manage a broken heart?
her name is etched inside with all the little bl–dy scars
judge almost gave me 5 like
“how can you be so hard?”
“you almost k!lled someone”
i’ll k!ll myself before i start
i’m probably talking to much about my f-cking problems
robert always telling me how i could f-cking solve
i don’t do the steps he gives, i guess that i’m the f-cking problem
i love my friends but, hate the feeling of a crowd
i hate people ‘cus people always let me down
i, walk like a thug, but i’m sad look at my frown
i, hate that line now, but it’s written down
i’m, such a f-cking clown
i really miss some people
i really kissed some people
i really dissed some people
i’m a toxic idiot
dealing with depression
i don’t know if i should mention all the things inside my head
some of what i have to say would probably leave me dead
the idea of being — is rumbling inside my head
i think it’s gonna take a lot of pressure so i must stay up
and f-ck with b-tches who i think will give a f-ck


“demons in my orbit” is my song, it’s playing out loud
i should probably quit and stop thinking about soundcloud
i know n0body likes me, that’s why everybody drops me
i love mani, but i hate it when she gets so sad
she’s amazing, she’s my bubba, and i love her dad
i hate the name dropping that i’ve done already on this song
so let me dig deeper
so let me dig deeper
i guess i shouldn’t care
emo punk boy with some stupid f-cking hair
bet you wouldn’t like me if i shaved all of it off
start cutting on my wrist and tell you about these scars
i don’t like wearing shorts because they reveal all those scars
i’m such a p-ssy, i cut my legs when i was cutting
i really thought this b-tch was gonna give me something
but it was nothing