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letra de incipit vita nova (intro) - illgod & xplain d don


[verse one: xplain d don]

turn up your speakers, this is my moment of eureka
great minds think alike though fools seldom differ
i’m by the river
ruminating about the thin line that separates the giver and the receiver
the former is allah, the latter is man
the meditation is halal, the chakra and chants
pansophical, at mad topicals
the land’s tropical, it scorches the passion of man
ideas appear like light bulbs for the right course
it’s fly thoughts for the right bros
blueprints mapped for different categories
tedx talks and i ain’t pitching amphigories
mandatory is the application, for his admiration
brain clogs on a trip for e-manc-p-tion
revaluation for your mind process
to resurrect all the bones of the giant fossils

[verse two: xplain d don]
this be that solar powered brimstone energy rhyme
from a soldier digging a trench behind enemy lines
bucking calibers till the territory’s mine
issac adaka boro, trapped in a john f kennedy’s mind
reverse the history, just to prove that i’m a god
i’ll play russian roulette with the motherf-cking lord luggard
fill his revolver up with kitchen foil
for all the years they gave our elders bibles and mirrors to steal the oil
woman feels the pain, man tills the soil
but i ain’t to blame, na garden of eden e spoil
i live by the laws of rebuild and destroy
that’s why these wack emcees, i’ll be steady k!lling their joy
just a gentleman, stuck with a thick accent
not a womanizer, still a chick magnet
the mind, it glistens like a bezle
never stop, never settle, hot like i share h-ll with the devil