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letra de prosper - ike o'sign


i can hardly finish it at parties i’m so disinterested
i’m turning off my internet i’m staying disconnected
i heard i’d really get success if i just manifest it
and i can’t do friends with benefits if i don’t want your friendship
i could never make the bases still i’m feeling hot
i see they picture maybe i just wanna shoot my shot
i try to come out swinging but i never hit it off
i’m probably fielding catching feelings while the wins are dropped
i dropped the ball and lost it all i need a genie
bad hoes in two piece-bikinis
got me acting bashful with the way they pushing tea
everybody look to me
everybody feeling me but lately i don’t feel a thing
still, i breathe through the knot
feel like the cream of the crop
how the wait for the drop
no mistakes when i jot, just happy accidents
i’m so f-cking talented of course i’m gonna spazz and sh-t
and they don’t know the half of it, sh-t ain’t been easy
i’ve been up trapping so my energy’s depleted
your absence was a punch had me feeling so defeated
til i realised it ain’t what i want but what i f-cking needed
and your drowning in your vices while i sail mine
i waisted all my time thinking when i’d say the line, now i grind
my friend said i’ve been in my bag sh-t
we gon look back in ten years when you’re massive
like i always knew he had it
that sh-t stuck with me
tweaking like an addict now i’m buzzing like a bumblebee
i’ve been doing rap sh-t for a hundred f-cking months you see
i’m easy doing backflips on the track so don’t f-ck with me