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letra de blasphemy - idontknowjeffery


[intro – gangsta boo]

jeffery, you lowkey hard for no reason. that sh-t kinda weird. like why you snapping like that? like you hard as f-ck, man, god d-mn. big hard…

[verse 1 – idontknowjeffery]

idontknowjefferey, bumping like acne
swerve through traffic, come like a taxi
don’t play with me, sh-t gonna get ugly
k!ll all the ops, man, that sh-t won’t attract me
you thought you a hustler, you hustling backwards
i leave when i’m done, i’m not calling her afterwards
at the gun range, i cannot skip practice
they know i get money, they don’t even ask me
it’s every day trapping, it’s no morе relaxing
a n-gga want smoke on the gang, i’mma wax it
smokin a n-gga right now actually
blast on a n-gga for talking that blasphеmy
picked that b-tch up and she handed her cash to me
she falling in love and she getting attached to me
slide in the foreign getting 91 gasoline
laugh to the bank, every day i be cackling
step in my closet, my wardrobe immaculate
today i got fresher than a b-tch on a accident
passing a b-tch to my homie, i’m passionate
if i pull out a debit card, n-gga, i’m cracking it
idontknowjefferey, scam like an african
7 in the morning, i’m making [?]
he thought he could fold me? trippin off acid
smoking an op every time that i ash it
smoking an op every time that i pass it
i can see better with cartier glasses
n-gga got shat on, he looking all flaccid
get a boy toe tag, wrap him in plastic
[verse 2 – idontknowjeffery]

birdman and wayne, man, i stunt like my daddy
put ’em in a body bag, doubled a bag on ’em
jefferey went up and made double the bag on ’em
my b-tch just hopped in my beef and she dragging
[?] my jeans 1500, i’m sagging
n-gga tried to holla at my b-tch and we laughed at him
you can get shot, do not think that we jackin
n-gga got shot because he thought we were scr-pping
ran to the ops and started attacking ’em
idontknowjeffery, coming like dracula
he found out i f-cked, now he beating and slapping her
n-gga ever press me, he dying right afterwards
[?] so i just beat the cr-p out of him
play with the gang, i’mma let that boy have it
stupid-ass n-gga must have thought i was just rapping
my b-tch got mad and then asked me, “who ashley?”
shoot him in the head, n-gga went to h-ll fastly
catch me a body, now i can’t quit bragging
play with my gang, then my n-gga and them crashing
yall n-ggas p-ssy, man, yall n-ggas sassy
every day trapping, it’s no more relaxing
idontknowjefferey, bumping like acne
slide in the foreign, i’m coming like a taxi
sh-t can get ugly (on gang)
k!lled all the ops, man the sh-t won’t attract me
he thought he was hustling, he was hustling backwards
leave when i’m done, i’m not calling her afterwards
at the gun range, i cannot skip practice