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letra de i could try - ​​​​iayze


(oh you wanna be jace? you could try)
it’s me
aye, yeah
it’s jace jerk
you know how the f-ck i’m rockin’
(you should probably go, it’s getting late)
what it is?, what it is?

(b-tch) walk in number nine, how i spend my time (b-tch)
oh this b-tch a dime, she gon’ give me mind
two aks, if he cross the line
two aks, bigger than the nine
go get some burbooey kicks, b-tch i need a nine
all i-all i do is win, all he do is lie
got some n-ggas comin’ in, they gon’ up the fye
oh you wanna be jace, you could try
hopped up in this b-tch with two-tone twin 9s
i don’t make no jerk music, i could try
say he the king of jеrk music, why he lie?
this ain’t evеn my sh-t, i give it a shot and made it better
hopped out with berretta, finna’ go f-ck vanessa
say he gettin’ money, but he not
that lil’ bankroll he call guap, no i don’t want that b-tch, she my thot
my ar-15, my lil’ teen, let it scream “red dot”
i got young money, and i can make your bed rock, girl
she keep gettin’ on my nerves, and she gon’ make me hurl
put him on a sweatshirt like his name was earl
i just want some off-white, r.i.p. to virgil
he’s a lame ass n-gga, call him steve urkel
i just hopped in v8, this b-tch sounding verbal
top kid creepin’ around that block, we make them start a curfew
i just be kickin’ it with my kids, that’s how i spend my time
oh he spoke on ela, of course he gon’ see that day
oh he spoke on lani’, okay cool we just gon’ send em’ to sp-ce
call me “mr. top kid”, i’m “mr. bm’s love jace”
i just hopped up in that stupid thang, you don’t wanna race
that’s it?

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