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letra de 20 - meet the dealer - i


meet the dealer
(feat. ludacris)

yeah he go by the name of i dub straight from scottsdale where the rock sell
and we disturbing tha peace for 4 years strong and still just gettin started whaddup?

[chorus: ludacris]
cuz when it come to this money i’m the main receiver
snatch yo b-tch then i aim to please her
laid back puffin on a pound of that cheeba
while i’m listenin to the sounds of the dealer

[verse 1]
yeah we gettin droed out (yeah) so bring them hoes out (yeah)
she tryna hold out (yeah) then she can roll out (yeah)
i’m spittin game folk (yeah) she love my name folk (yeah)
she love the fame folk (yeah) she wanna claim folk (yeah)
i’m tryna get blown (yeah) she tryna get known (yeah)
i’m drankin hennessey (yeah) she off that patrone (yeah)
we takin shots now (yeah) she love my rocks now (yeah)
it was a cold world (yeah) but i’m on top now (yeah)
yall on that weak sh-t (yeah) that wan’ beef sh-t (yeah)
but i ain’t rap dog (yeah) i’m on that street sh-t (yeah)
so we can get it started (yeah) cuz i ain’t never scared (yeah)
before you call us out (yeah) you better be prepared (yeah)

[chorus – 2x]

[verse 2]
i’m from that dec-town (yeah) you’ll get laid down (yeah)
we used to bust techs (yeah) we sprayin k’s now (yeah)
all you local n-gg-z (yeah) y’all too underground (yeah)
you keep ya mouth shut (yeah) before you under ground (yeah)
and to you pretty thugs (yeah) i blow ya chest up (yeah)
while you dressed up (yeah) my n-gg-z vest up (yeah)
be on that block sh-t (yeah) bust ya glock sh-t (yeah)
yall just a bunch of hoes (yeah) that love to gossip (yeah)
i won’t waste lines (yeah) i won’t waste rhymes (yeah)
on you hoe n-gg-z (yeah) tryna get signed (yeah)
i feel ya pain dog (yeah) let me be clear (yeah)
you tryna get a rep (yeah) but you won’t get it here (yeah)

[chorus – 2x]

[verse 3]
i was a unknown (yeah) now i’m full blown (yeah)
i had no threads (yeah) now the block’s on (yeah)
i changed my whole life (yeah) in like 3 years (yeah)
i lost a few friends (yeah) shed a few tears (yeah)
but that’s the cost dog (yeah) to be da boss dog (yeah)
if i’m on dog (yeah) you get off dog (yeah)
and its no problem (yeah) getcha small starch (yeah)
off in this rap game (yeah) i got no comp (yeah)
i’m on them 2-4’s (yeah) i’m in that new range (yeah)
yeah its the same sh-t (yeah) but its a new game (yeah)
yall ain’t real man (yeah) stop that grill man (yeah)
you might get killed man (yeah) so here’s the deal man (yeah)

[chorus – 2x]