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the truth about christmas - husky wolf


christmas time is drawing in,
so let’s have a toothy grin.
christmas time is here again,
and that’s a boot to shin.

here’s the words about christmas,
it’s clandestine and bright,
the 25 shopping days arrive,
and when the wind does howl,
and parents grin or scowl,
and the treats are shined with light,
joking with miss claus,
santa’s giant paws,
it’s just a sympathy,
that’s the truth about christmas.

here’s the phrase about christmas,
it’s a day or night or dawn.
j-pan, england, washington, and on,
and on the morning of,
santa puts on one glove,
and hides a box under the tree.
i’ve had an egg milk free,
and now i need to pee,
that’s the truth about christmas.

so why do i tread on?
why do i still twinkle?
why a bland pop tart?
and a strawberry sprinkle?
why does love strangle my soul?
when the carols start their roll?
why does my mind see the light even here on christmas morn’ with each new fight?

here’s my oath over christmas,
it’s a hanukkah of lint,
a feliz navidad, from nigeria,
with rains that never stop.
and prayers for africa,
and indonesia too,
santa clause, wear that hat,
don’t lose it to that silly cat,
peg the doors and board the floors,
hug your wife for each new life,
kiss her nose, wriggle your toes,
take a spree, and count to three,
and don’t let neighbors sin,
that’s all i ask of you,
that’s all i need to do.

the truth about christmas.