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letra de sentries of a dead earth - huntress of stars


i had heard tell of such a place
tales spun by ancient ones of those entrusted with legends of times before
stories i believed to be but myth
for all know that the length of this barren land
once rich with temples built to revere wisdom and sanctuaries guarding our antiquity
was put to flame by the sun cult, that crimson horde

and, yet, then a light in the cavern’s depths illuminated carvings in the stone walls
i studied them, in silent and reverent awe at the chronicle, recorded therein

the horde, who worship the eye aflame, despoiled the water, earth, and sky, while but a few retreated here and swore an oath to keep alive old ways

then, rousing me from my wonderment
shadows long upon the walls, cast by robed figures
my dread abated as they spoke in a single, ethereal voice
“fear not, seeker, harm shall not befall you
for we are the sentries of this hallowed sanctuary
the dreams of a world reborn manifest before you
we saw our comrades burned upon sacrificial pyres
fed with the amassed wisdom of every generation
for the most sacred parchment or venerated artifact
even the flesh of their kin
is merely kindling for their hate.”

and my eyes beheld their relics
rarest tomes, held with a parent’s tenderness
runic symbols covering fragile pages, alien to my faded eyes
yet my hosts read aloud the words
divine in their sagacity and elegant in their configuration
in this shrine to a world, deceased
would that i could beg their forgiveness