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letra de wandering - hungry lucy


you always said you’d rescue me someday
did you forget, or did you just not care?
i was afraid to run away alone
now i can see you’d only make things worse

it’s only me
i’m wandering
i’m on my own now
i have to leave
i have to know
i have to try

why are you still inside my heart these days?
i was ok, until i thought of you
all of those disappointing things you’ve done
come in my mind and take away my love

i have to be
just wandering
i want to hate you
i want to see
my light inside
start to glow

you’ll never know
you’ll never be
part of my life
i’ll be ok
i will be fine

i’ll always be
just wandering
with my shadow
no light inside
the love has died
because of you
i’ve hit the wall
i lost it all
there’s nothing here
but pain and fear
you’ll never know
you’ll never know
you’ll never know