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letra de unparalleled perversion - human mastication


enter into the domain of sickness, forcing my obsession to consume her flesh with desire
to fill my perverse intents, driven by a hunger with a wicked act of pleasure
mind influenced and manipulated by alcohols and weed
antic-p-ting the moments of festivity s-x carnage
looking forward to f-ck that nasty b-tch
tantalizing with an artistic way of summoning
convincing to do join the hordes through humoristic methods
even it is the unappealing mutilated c-nt
instinct as i consume your body, suffered by my h-rniness and unparalleled perversion

you are now in my chambеr, feel the ambience of massivе s-xual maltreatments
your rancid v-g-n-l secretions are my aroma
s-xual climax i can feel of satisfying, hideous -rg-sm