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letra de the 10th cloud - home bowman


i take life as a joke that i never understood
a momentary disappointment ’til you’re gone for good
my father died when i was 3, i never thought i could
until a year ago my bubble burst and there i stood

in the face of adversity
looking h-llishly cursed
in the epiphany of burden
i knew would leave me shook

so what the f-ck do i do?
when i get a text from my friend
who’s having s-x with my ex
that i used to vent about frantically

that sh-t’s in the past to me
keeps coming back to mе
this life is a drag to me
do not have capacity to

keep floating down this f-cking еndless catastrophe
i know it won’t matter but it has to mean something

it’s more than just a feeling that i’m obsessed with
a drug is the reason that i’ve been blessed with…
these words, they hurt
i know they lurk
i know the sh-t i said should
feel the worst

and i’m conscious of it

i watch my friends turn to addicts
“my own mother’s been hiding inside the attic”
digging my grave, might as well while i’m at it
my ex girlfriend is seemingly manic

i’m pr-ne to a panic
i’m out of my mind and
i’ve f-cking had it up to here
with the sh-t that everyone says about me

yeah, like just imagine
not being able to eat like a normal person, see…

before you say “rest in peace”
i got some things up my sleeve
the sleight of hand like i breathe
the magic dust in my t–th

i smoked a lot of that reefer
now i think that i’m reaping
consequences that you would never
even start to believe
i’m on the tenth cloud
perceptual difference
i’m losing my interests
to feeling indifferent

if there’s h-ll, then i’m in it
still been stuck in a simulation
i’m done when i’m finished

b-tch, i said i’m done when i’m done
put the back of my thumb
back inside of her c-nt
now i’m back on the run

and now i’m seemingly upsetting everyone that i want
so here’s a friendly reminder that you can suck on my c-ck

you’re a c+ on a good day
cause you’re b-tch made
need a beng-y
for your fat face

it’s a rat race
get your ass slapped for the cheese
bet you’ll end up f-cking dead
on the back page
refuse to take a look inside of the mirror
tyler durden, how you seem to appear
and then revere in yourself
because you’re so insincere
hold my beer
i need to take a f-cking p-ss in your ear

your brain is empty like i’m walking inside of a sear’s
the way you speak is antiquated like bra to brassier
every day, i burn myself a bit to see if i sear
used to look inside the mirror for my girl but i don’t see her