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letra de tapetro - hodgy beats



[intro: crazy fan]
odd future rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks
rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks…
drools, lames, hypebeast, odd future
magazine, mixtape, clothing… oh my god!
tyler’s gonna kill me for this!

i’m not looking at you, i’m looking past you
i get cash, n-gg-s call me a cashew
i leave model women stuck like statues
they wonder why we’re down cause i’m light skinned with tattoos
three wishes with a genie on them
you hear about me, but you never see me on them
i don’t f-ck fans, you tryna put your weenie on them
while i skateboard and beanie on them
kick push them out the way said i’m risking to pay
hodgy beats beats bang harder than grenades
the future’s looking odd so you haters better bend back
take notes so you don’t forget that i said that
the cool n-gg- in the red hat
odd future i’ll shoot you ’til you dead flat
don’t get confused cause i’m really speaking clear
like i’m yelling in your freakin’ ear, can you freakin’ hear?
cause i’m freakin’ here with three vanilla dutches
and a freakin’ beer, you freakin’ queers
better back off me or wake up and
smell a bullet in your mouth instead of the coffee