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letra de mr. robot - hnr family


have you noticed anything diffrent about you?
like anything
(lets go)

[verse:kay dolla $ign]
hnr we really mean business
i’m talking epmd business
we rolling all the n-gg-s witness
you a lost cause i’m sh-tless
i’m on my broccoli, like i do fitness
it’s a cold world, you need them mittens
i handle p-ssy well , like kittens
i’m the all star in this game , i’m john wall
i don’t even have to basketball
i know that i’m a true player
my b-tch thinks she is a carpet slayer
all the world leaders , i’m running for mayor
these n-gg-s chasing paper
while i’ll be making paper
i’m on n-body’s side when i get defensive
freestyle and dissing ,its getting offensive
say the wrong words you will face my intensive
the coldest n-gg-s gets frost bite
they wanna live, pray to jesus christ
they may get a second life
they may get there first wife
they may earned their 12th knife
the forbidden fruit is getting ripe
and whats left ??? am i right?
do you sit back and drink dirty sprite?
then you say you might
you trying to put up a fight
where were you last night
you probably taking flight
what the f-ck happened to the days
where we can skate or bike
like teenagers interested in extreme sports
now we got black kids in basketball courts
and white kids in the winter wearing booty shorts
and careless parents with crack money to snort
rappers wanna drop mixtapes on april 4th
we in the building you n-gg-s in the fort
the underground scene is like i pictured it
rapping in the subway station
representing their nation
oldest sh-t ever made was in the streets of bronx
then at queens and brooklyn and manhattan
my sh-t gets played in the radio i just earned platinum
i’m tougher than a magnum
superhero sports car, that green is incredible hulk
throw ya set like you throw ya bulk