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letra de 16 bars - hitboy forreal


gotta pour my heart out on this one n-gga
yeah let’s get it n-gga

i can’t lie to the mic,  i’m being honest
i put these bars on like designers
my rap game real, i’m being honest
and all you rappers ain’t a threat to me cos you minus

daddy couldn’t get it tho
so i had to go and get it by myself bro
latenights on em streets tryna get the dough
and i pray that i get it make it back home
cos ain’t no better feeling when you make it out the mud
living in mansions with your real n-ggas ballin hard
i had to sacrifice my sweat, tears and my blood
to live my dreams and i really put that on to god

you know we posted in them trenches
word on my dawg, we use to gamble on them benches
we never hated when we saw n-ggas in benzes
buh we had to focus on the hustle for them benjis

tell em b-tches, i just started with my bullsh-t
i’m with my brothers and you know we on that hoodsh-t
gang bang n-gga, you know we gon shoot sh-t
this for them n-ggas talkin sh-t buh they don’t do sh-t
and n-ggas ain’t feelin me but i be in my wave
i’m bout to pull up on these b-tches give them what they gave
and eversince i lost my daddy, it really made me brave
pour me a liquor for them dead bodies in the grave
i told lino we gon win is all about time
so never give up but let’s put the hustle on the line
and i got dawgs in my team browsing online
you call ‘em scammers but i rather call em young chasers
cos we some young n-ggas out her chasin dreams
chasing dreams chasing money