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no time - hipcut


trynna forget cause i can’t take this feeling
the healing comes when you win the demons that you’re dealing
and stay in your bed all day staring at the ceiling
wishing that your life was not that f-cking unappealing
and i got nothing to say to my defense
losing people for the first time is making sense
and as long as we don’t talk, it won’t be that intense
nothing needs experience when you got common sense, yeah
pretty annoyed that always i’m unemployed
i ain’t got enough money to fill the void so i roll up
how many joints we smoked? cause i lost track
call back if you ever need to hear my voice crack
and i’m done playing games, you wanna stay?
don’t look back, i could even stay when things were pitch black
i could care less about your feedback
you know i’m here to speak bars and eat snacks
trynna get a six pack
where’s my sanity? cause i’m starting to feel bad
tick tack, time is running, i’m starting to think fast
if i don’t i know i will turn out to be the last and..
we don’t want that, no, we don’t want that
i am my own god, i’m trynna believe in me
but sometimes i get lost, i find my way in between
so i need my baby and a pretty scenery
trynna find a way to forgive my petty thieveries
i ain’t got not time to spend my time in mindless ent-ties
these ent-ties are far more pointless than all my enemies
these enemies are far more hungry than me, here’s my remedies
these remedies will really help with all your wacky melodies
and it’s a different story the way i handle things
random beats are in my head bringing my own apocalypse
they increase the police so we won’t find inner peace
the f-ck i’m doing in greece when it’s my crucifix?
hooked on adrenaline, against on white supremacists
and girls bashing girls and then saying they are a feminist
energies f-ck with me, that’s why i’m always hesitant
a therapist is not enough
i’m done with sitting back and sobbing
all they do is talking i smell bullsh-t
cause when you turn your head you are forgotten
keep up your show, smile, more people are buying it
don’t let them see you trying
your cries for attention are undenying