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letra de where did i go right? - hilary duff


i’m always too late
i see the train leaving
i’m always laughing
when it’s not cool to smile

i’m always aiming
but somehow keep missing
so how did you get here
something is wrong

where did i go right
how did i get you
how come all this blue sky is around me
and you found me
where did i go right
how did i get you
i don’t know how i did
but somehow now i do

i’m always driving
forget where i’m going
should have turned left
but i was singing some song
and i, i am arriving
as everyone’s leaving
but there you are waiting
something is wrong


makes no sense to me
no it isn’t clear
but somehow you’re standing here
something gets to me
it’s that nothing is wrong

[chorus 2x]

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