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letra de bulldog - hessian renegade


[verse 1]
got glass bones and paper skin
living in the net with all my friends
everybody everywhere
wants to be debonaire
love from the next man playing out his own plan
disney destiny, gets the best of me
looking in the mirror like…
(how’m i gonna look today)
zero hour contracts minimum wage
hand to the mouth every month that you’re paid
hanging with a mannequin, dressed like a harlequin
lights still bump in a room full of elephants
never forget man, never forget
but then i get wrecked and i can’t remember
what was that day at the start of november?
misdirected, disconnected
total unknown to those elected

bark like a bulldog (x8)
never gonna bite but i’ll bark like a bulldog (x1)

-’straight bananas’-
[verse 2]
take another walk down bromley high street…
(2 pints a’ lager and a packet a’ cris please!)
keeping it simple
work half cut still keeping it nimble
sickness in syria, bombs over libya
more clued up on your pub quiz trivia
packet of roast nuts
pint of heavy
ukip rhetoric soaked in bevvy
gimme 5 minutes and i’ll change your mind
about social well being?
get in the line
but get me a vodka, cordial lime, and i’ll get you one back mate, maybe the next time
light in the pocket cause i work part time but i’ll brexit first and then i’m sure i’ll be fine
hold the line
a good brit should mate still in our prime
it’s not like our leaders have committed a crime…

-i’m no talkin’ ’bout the queen-

[verse 3]
tried to relate to the great in britain
seen all the things that make you smitten
cute like a kitten in a union jack
butchers apr-n strung up out back
god save the queen, that slate ain’t clean
but i’ll wave my flag deaf in defiance
shaking the ground of the auld alliance
lost in a dream in the sound of silence
bark like a bulldog (x8)
never gonna bite but i’ll bark like a bulldog (x1)

-’british bulldogs’- (x4)

f-ck yer -’british bulldogs’- (x8)