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letra de the box - (hed) p.e.


the industry is dumbing down the nation
they dope up the youth
so plug up your ears
while phony punk bands cry about relationships
we forget our roots
and run on patriotic fears

i was so weak
i let them run all over me
but now i’m fighting just to get back my name
yea i was so f-ckin weak
but now i’m so f-cking p-ssed
you b-tches – i’m f-cking tired of this sh-t

don’t box me in
i’m out the box

this i’ll keep it so real
i’ll learn from my mistakes
can you feel me?
next time i’ll stick to my guns
ya wanna rumble – here i come
i never run

i get up – stand up and fight
i’m burnin and lootin all night
no woman – no cry – know why?
cuz e’rythings gonna be alright

just let me do what i gotta do
you’ll never change me
can ya feel that?

let me do me – you do you
stay outta my business
hear dat?

i can’t stop rappin you f-ggot
you see what happens – it’s tragic
you want war
you can have it

don’t box me in…

no i can’t live that way

you never say what you wanna say
you only say what you think they wanna hear

f-ck you – i’m not your motherf-cking slave
f-ck you – i f-cking hate you!!

f-ck you!!