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letra de one day - hector vae


you said you would be right here
i knew you wouldn’t be
they say a lot, but they don’t know me
i’m from the cold i made it out by the skin of my t–th
they say a lot but they don’t know
i been low like my whole life i’m tryna change it
i cause these problems for myself and never face em
that’s my problem maybe i just have to face it
i make mistakes like all the time and don’t embrace it

(never embrace it)
(you said you would)
i know it hurts when you watch еverything just fall apart
you’re tryna fix it but you look and don’t know wherе to start
i hate the feeling when i’m not sure ima make it far
i love the feeling when i see myself and see a star

the road i’m on is a dark road
i wanna see just how far i go
(the road i’m on is a dark road)
(i just wanna see how far i go)