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letra de love your soul - heavy d


it ain’t ya gucci suits
it ain’t ya fendi boots
it ain’t ya armani, ya ‘tire, who ya hired or fired
we know you that boss chick
with the, on and off switch-a
the same mami everybody on the block desire
you sip the finest shipments
you whip the finest whips and
body look like a cryptic, they don’t see it so they ig’nant
makes me sort of indignant
can’t wait to get you pregnant
ma you so bad, these other chicks feel nothing but resentment
and i so appreciate ya
understand why they hate ya
my love so deep, i’ll never sleep, i’ll never negate ya

and in case you didn’t know-ooh-whoooa
(i love, love, love, love, love, love, love your soul)
and in case you didn’t know-ooh-whoooa
(i love, love, love, love, girl i love your soul)
love your soooooul, i love your sooooul
i-iiii, girl i love your soul

hey yo ma, you so oprah widdit
head to toe, tailor-fitted
9 to 5, single mom
coproate gain sister widdit
look at miss independent
so focused, so relentless
so in love, non-pretentious
so hovers above the rest and
so first-cl-ss, so coach seat
so as long as you arrive on time to see me
you so in, my next-to-kin be like, “yo, she’s a win”
so all i focus on is when i’m gon’ see you again


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