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letra de yellow city rhyme-scheme - heaven's tea


[verse 1]
let’s keep it real, i’m a pretty big deal
let’s keep it real, i’m still on them pills
earning everyday but i’m still gonna steal
whipping in fast cars and i’m still gonna peel- out
i stay smellin good got a pocket full of posies
stay iced out, my face stay rosey
drunk driving, got a bottle of rosé
they ask if i’m game, i say “let’s play”
they say “hey!” i say “no way”
’cause my whole worlds grey
staying out like a stray
for this sh-t that i be throwing
all these punches i be bowin’
i stay goin’ up, even if i don’t grow up
i’m living the dream, never run out of steam
like an ultralight beam, inject my bloodstream
i’m a ghostface k!llah like my name was scream
[verse 2]
i go to work, go to school, listen to tunes then make ‘em
and if you don’t like it you can go ahead and shake ‘em
cause either way that’s what everyone’s doing when i play it
or when i’m in the studio and they get to witness greatness
i hit you with that texas-style, wind-blowing contextual
take one wrong move, and your ass gettin’ taken out
this brew you believe in is fresher when it’s sweetened
got all you people feening, and gasping, call that breathing
you see him, my brother from another mother screaming
he seeing, the flow is better than it’s ever been, sh-t
i grew up pretty well but it’s not clean up in the scenic
best believe it, imma keep it
realer than that sh-t you heard up on a remix
i like to get powerful, but i’m ready
got that style full of fresh and wavy, thick like gravy
serving you a pound full of beatdowns
like that music you be hearing when i lay down!
we stay down, we spray down, you motherf-cking lame cows
chickens, and for sure you pigs
i know you cops heard it
take another sip of this, take another hit of that
these kids have gone corrupt and adults don’t give a f-ck!
sick of all you motherf-ckas on the playground
better move location ‘fore your ass gets found
’cause you know i’ll beat your ass in this tight new gown
while the town gets to hear the echo of the sound
bring the guitar in, games like atari
got some words left, don’t start seeing starry
don’t start saying sorry, your times up now
you had your chance, now your head go blow
odb, get shimmy shimmy
yellow city rhymes go silly
go ahead and dance for me hit that milly
while our records sell and we cop that milli