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letra de under a headstone on a hill - heartbreak radio


i don’t think the best days ever are true
but i’ll be real with you
those july afternoons
holed up in my brother’s bedroom
talking to you
were the best i never knew
& the wind blew
& the birds flew
& the sky turned a grayish sort of blue
& you grew away from me
but i’ll remember these 8 weeks
when you gave me the keys
“be careful with these sort of things,”
you said, & i knew then
that you were then only one i’d ever let in
n i’d love to lend you my life for a year or three
let’s do the stupidest things in the name of young love
and when push comes to shove
we won’t be young anymore
but i’ll adore you still
when your voice is old and shrill
when you lay under a headstone
on a hill