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letra de rock deep (vancouver) - heart


seattle in the rear view mirror
brooding like the child inside the man
i was following the interstate
way up north the father fields canadian

up above the royal border
the king george highway opens to the sky
the mountains stand there singing out
filling up my open eyes

and i still can see you sleeping
in a bed of moonlight seeping
and i remember crying
cause i knew the sun was rising

rock deep (i remember crying)
rock deep (cause i knew the sun was rising)

all the gusts of english bay
singing on an ancient radio
and a young girl with a burning heart
stares down at the big ships anch-r-d far below

and she knows where she is going
cause her very soul is glowing
and in this gentle harbor
she don’t need to go no farther

rock deep
rock deep
rock deep
rock deep

oh my soul was glowing
and i knew where i was going