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letra de rutratz university - hanny ramadan


i don’t really know where i stand but the edge is fine
i still wonder who i am when i walk that crooked line
between neoliberal plans and communist concoctions
when this city ate me whole, it ate all other options

mike would hit me up, “i’m down to clown”
these expressions i miss most when he’s not around
this frustration with myself, i can’t verbalize
but i’ll leave the feeling on a shelf to metastasize

hey mike, these people act like children
aimless w/o grasp that thursday nights are someday ending
and of course those “good things” never last

just take your best friend in the army
who joined so he could pick
between pensacola, florida or somewhere by the pacific
with only 3 months out of jersey
after he stopped feeling homesick
with only 3 months out of jersey
he gets stationed at fort dix

mike would hit us up, “i’m down to clown”
while they both get f-cked up, i’m not allowed
i forget about the world i’m not fitting in
and the futility i am beneath this skin
(na na na, na na na na)

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