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letra de notions (demo) - gxdspeed


[i could never be the boy on the low rider
i dont really see the choice, know you dont either
we dont gotta see the rates for my dope album
i just wanna meditate, let em hate loudly]

pretty angry for a pacifist
you know i’m edging off the precipice
pessimism, preaching to the vast abyss
i never let the feeling fester when i get the hit
like everyday i’m feeling better when i feel it less

your next door neighbours f-ckin dog could never mess with me
you best believe i left my mark up under every tree
i’ll even race him round the park to show my dominance
cause i’ll be speeding round and hopping over all the fences

sitting on em watching my friends get
drunker by the second acting what they’re repressin
i can sit around and be the moody depressed kid
but ain’t n0body vibing with the ‘better off dead’ sh-t

[people talking]

go figure
know all you need is just a new demeanour
the way you f-ckin hold yourself is something you don’t think of
but the h-ll do we know
we could be rich up in cupertino
but i let it be we’re all cheaper than a pizza from speedo
happy when i wake up and i play that song
take a minute rehabilitate my soul
fail to see the value in the things i own, but
twenty quid a week will never pay my loan

when all i wanna do is jump ship
i ain’t taking no sh-t
that ain’t making no sense

from these bunch of broke d-cks
acting like we’re both rich
motherf-cking notions