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letra de make heaven wait - guy sebastian


i see you smiling every day
looking back at me like nothing ever changed
i swear i heard you call my name
but in reality
its just your picture in the frame

why am i here
without you
when there was so much for us left to do
how could the angels have come so soon

if i could make heaven wait
i’d find a way to ask god if he had
made some mistake
if he’d save your wings
for another day
if only i could make heaven wait

all your clothes are hanging up
not a thing’s been touched
i left it all the same
i wish i could press rewind
and go back in time
just to see your face again
cos i miss you
i need you
i’m so alone without you here with me
you are the reason that i breathe


and every night i search for your star
in the sky
(asking why oh why)
lord knows i would trade in my life for
a chance to say goodbye