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letra de ​that’s okay* - gunna


…that’s okay
ain’t worth trippin’, i’m just chillin’ in the back of the 6
in the maybach…

…my own money
the sunlight hittin’ the louie v linen, i feel like ‘ye (kanye)
n-ggas in they feelins’, [?]
[?], f-ck on…
…i like her frame
[?] (went got that [?]), you went got that [?] and that’s okay
my homie [?], sh-t get sprayed
my [?] pass over plane get payed
i don’t wanna cap ’bout it, i don’t wanna cap and that’s okay
you independent, tryna get these riches and ain’t made a million but that’s okay
[?], work for a livin’, [?] and that’s okay
you in a jam, you was a scammer
but don’t give a d-mn and that’s okay
used to sell grams, you in a [?]
while yo’ [?]

[ceo trayle]
iced off my ass on the daily
i’ma geek on a hoe like…