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letra de 2 min freestyle - guans


[verse 1: mon-day]
yeah beats on the block drive system
nikes on my feet and my neck glisten
yeah you lame bros better listen
im too insane when i spit that sh-t like fission yuh
tom cruise and im on a mission
stackin views the way im stackin cash (cash, cash, cash)
and thats not enough so i can’t last
i can’t make a fuss about that
i gotta rack it up and count stacks
too much drip bish, i rock slacks

[verse 2: bushjungle]
10 dollar jug, 10 dollar jug
sold a f-ckin pug, turned into a rug
you might call me macey, cus be kinda basey
got a brown boy stuck in bars now that sh-ts h-lla racey
mon-day making tracks that i play all week
guan got a peen that the girls wanna leak
che gots him a personality got him a freak
bush is so rebert now he juts tryna get some beef

[verse 3: guans]
yeah this beat is fire
rub her like a tyre
yes im really tired
im really really tired
really need some sleep but this beat will keep me upright
pulling down my pants just so i can flex my tighwhites
guans is popping off yeah this sh-t is on sight huh
got that girl on sight pull up on her magic mike uh
yeah im done