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letra de snuff film - gripz



i’ll organize a snuff film, then watch the cinema reel clip
bunch a actors wit fake props, i’ll send em’ a real clip
you’ll be on a permanent field trip, burner concealed it
razor have ya face on some seal sh-t
the doves is listening
feathered down pillows to m-ffle the snub edition
so no blood a touch the ceiling
ah f-ka’
grey hoodie wit sh-lls loaded, da lux edition
that just mean a few extra clips for the gun i’m grippin
you know i passed by you if the breeze shifted
every timе i walk, i get a speed ticket
i dream cryptic, my chi diffеrent
knew i was gifted when i played hopscotch
and all the trees lifted
fitted low, body sn-tcher the give and go
i kick the door, throw ya b-tch’s body
through the vizio then slit her throat
grab the cord of the mic
tie son, then i pull it till it’s tight, that’s a ridd-ck bowe
talk to me less, you bother me, yes
you partially deaf, my armory, you formerly met
i oughta leave your arteries stretched
for that trash talk, now in garbage he rest
prescription bottle size bullets, call the pharmacy techs
that country f-ck trippin’, then his whole farm a see teks
your daughter be next, if we ain’t cross paths yet
you remarkably blessed, split personality
if it was beef and you died, i’m still dissin’ you
i’ll send a link of the track to your family members missin’ you
your son, i make him listen too
put a ipod under his pillow
with that song on repeat for his first missing tooth
this b-tch confused, i’m on your heels
better cl!ck your shoes, i know this coward lyin
so them can’s is on his children too
bed time stories, dr. seuss’s pages skippin’ through
i let em’ meet thing one and thing two
then his wig get blue
i speak in code, i peep behavior
you’s a snake in nature, p-rs-ltounge
you’ll gargle guns if i’m to page a favor
lakes wit gators, everglades swamp bed
he won’t make the papers, sm-rg-sbord
get tortured first, swallow a plate of razors
it’s safe to say your fates wrote
surprise, motherf-cker
you and james doakes is in the same boat
the whole house a fire if my chain broke
dexter morgan, the teks escorting you off of my stage coach
four wielded

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