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round ten - grindhard e & ysr gramz


(313 mafia)
(stupid dog, i ain’t gon’ lie, this b-tch hard)

[verse 1: ysr gramz]
i’m in the booth with babytron, he brung a glock nine
everybody had your b-tch like wi-fi
red beam on the fn like a stove light
man, this weed strong as h-ll like an old sprite

[verse 2: babytron]
tuh, yeah, got dogs with me
x on my feet, lil’ b-tch, that’s the off-wizzy
hit the lil’ b-tch with the tuh, she was off henny
every gang member that i got gettin’ off with me

[verse 3: ysr gramz]
you ain’t gang-gang, you can’t get off with me
n-ggas tryna get a free feature to get off whitney
f-ggot-ass n-gga, you should sign to walt disney
bought the bag yesterday, it was gone wednesday

[verse 4: babytron]
i got the tuh and the— that put thе dogs on me
chop with the ribbit on it, i’ll put the frogs on you
buffs with thе smoke tint, look like fog on ’em
your b-tch a lil’ freak, can you get her off of me?
[verse 5: ysr gramz & babytron]
i don’t wanna hit that cooch, i ain’t yn jay
need a whole zip, lil’ bro, i don’t get high off eighths
n-gga, back the f-ck up ‘fore i blow your face
ooh, it ain’t my birthday, but i’m blowin’ cake
n-gga said he want a feature, i said, “oh, okay”
one-hand the bag touchdown like i’m obj
i still play with thirty-eights, them my throwaways
oh, you wanna meet your mans? you can go today
sendin’ clay out to curry, feel like golden state
she flexin’ with that weak-ass purse, but i know it’s fake

[verse 6: ysr gramz]
n-gga talkin’ ’bout he got ‘za, but i know it ain’t
i ain’t get the head out your b-tch ’cause her breath was stank
he got so much designer, but it’s all fake
i got a real ak and a small drac’

[verse 7: babytron]
granny trippin’ ’cause i tote guns
boy, it’s all fun and games ’til my folks come
three hoes want me, that’s a foursome
i was gettin’ head, woke up ’cause my phone rung
brrt, ayy, sh-ttyboyz

[verse 8: ysr gramz]
you out here gettin’ hoes drunk, you a henny boy
like a bad-ass kid, i got many toys
used to ball back then, boy, you brandon roy
[verse 9: grindhard e]
grindhard e, you know what the f-ck it is
what up, tron? what up, quavis?
i ain’t a pedophile, but i was playin’ with a little girl or boy
talkin’ cold to my n-gga, come get this bad-ass lil’ boy
unc’ said he got a lil’ hard, but it’s a lil’ moist
i was playin’ with thirty-twos and thirty-eights as a little boy
on some bullsh-t, you heard a boom, it was a lil’ noise
i’m a grown man, i’m just short, i ain’t no lil’ boy
now it’s aks and fns, ain’t no little toys
ridin’ with dog sh-t, on the phone with the sh-ttyboyz
man, that cookie ain’t got black spots like chips ahoy
unc’ said this batch straight drop, he gotta hit the boy
okay, let me switch it up
auntie come and bless me with the pills each and every month
backwoods stuffed, two, three grams, each and every blunt
extortin’ that p-ssy at me, gotta pay her just to let you f-ck
i can’t make this up
first b-tch said, “nut in me when you ’bout to nut”
tryna cop ten in blues from the bank, i got a paper cut
price on the drank goin’ up, i’m still pourin’ up
me and lil’ d gettin’ high, we pourin’ fours and up
i ain’t tryna buy an eighth, i smoke it by o’s and up
threw a party with them all them n-ggas, when the hoes gon’ come?
i’m only worried ’bout a bag or when the ‘bows gon’ come
a lot of bullsh-t goin’ on, i bought a lot more guns
i got a sloppy-ass roll in my pocket and i ain’t got no ones
(313 mafia)



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