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letra de heatstroke - grieves


(feat. cunninlynguists)

i said the lights don’t help these days
chances are that if your ten rows back i can’t even see your face
i’ve been hidin’ in the only thing that ever made me safe
long enough to make me addicted
turn it into my cage
who the f-ck wants to drink my wine
put the last supper on hold, honey, i don’t think i’ll make it in time
this whole games got me fakin’ a smile
and tied down to tracks
i layed down tryin’a gain an extra mile
this is all of me
another th-rn stem apology
writin in the heat of the pressure dieing for harm
lost, till they find me with the bullet, with the cross
that they hung around around my neck like somebody told me there’s god
yeah i guess i got a problem with reality
and never looked to heaven when the devil in me flashed his teeth
and that’s the part of me i’m trying to change
swing hard now i’m breaking the chain
now get away from me

i said the road’s so hard and rough
said i’m trying not to loose my way
and the worlds so cold and tough
told this shovel that it digs my grave
what’s holding me down, down, down, down, down, down, down
what’s holding me down, down, down, down, down, down, down

from time to time like brian i’m a sh-ll of myself
if i was a weaker man i’d put a sh-ll in myself
either ballin on a budget or fallin on a deficit
plenty of self-worth with no means of investing it
the blessings get few and far between so i’m stressin sh-t
lady lucky celibate, she ain’t f-ckin’ with me
hidin behind a hand it starts to look a mighty temptin
hurtin behind an image i ain’t pimpin i’m just limpin
tryna walk it off or walk it out
that’s just what the songs about
handlin adversity whenever i step out the house
whether the weather is sunny or nastier than sauerkraut
every endeavor takes bits of faith until you’re left with doubt
no tears for fears but i swear i wanna shout
kick, scream, and strain but that ain’t gon’ change a thang
kick screen the game, you see but don’t feel the pain
a junky is a cripple but he will show you the cain so…


(tryna look inside myself, can’t look inside no one else, i’m my own worst enemy)