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(not) a song about incels - gregguevara


all women are wh-r-s cause they won’t sleep with me
no my philosophy’s not contradictory
women are animals, just feral beasts
all women are like that, unlike me

while women wh-r- it up all acting the same
i parrot talking points with my superior brain
i figured out the social game
the chads and stacys are to blame
not the fact that i’m insane and haven’t showered in eight days

hey guys, jreg here
isn’t it fun drinking incel tears
i hope they k!ll themselves
because they’re ugly

don’t they know they can hit the gym and be just like me
a couple of squats, determination, exercise
all of that will get them
my exact jawline

mocking them makes me feel superior
because i’m attractive
and as a result i f-ck

they’re easy to mock
cause i’m 6″2′
i have high cheek bones
and my parents raised me good

every time i make someone with no will to live feel worse
i just laugh ha ha ha
please put that person in a hearce

some people think that mocking individual incels
is like mocking a cancer patient for being riddled with cancer cells
instead of dehumanising people who are suicidally depressed
whose one desire is to find someone to kiss and love and hold in this bleak and scary world

we should turn maybe instead to the broader social reasons why this sh-ts in people’s heads
but the internet rewards sociopathy
so people can share with their friends and family
direct people with no will to live
so f-ck it lets dehumanise them

doobeddydoo i’m an incel
doobeddydoo i’ve got poor mental health
doobeddydoo i want to k!ll myself
doobeddydoo and you aren’t much help