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letra de carry out the ribbons – greenleaf


[verse 1]
reaching for what’s higher
and losing way too soon
there’s an owl in the sky
looking down on you
you won’t complain below
promise is on your way

[verse 2]
see you on the hillside
call out your name
you taste a melody then
drown in their lake
you soften and slow as the heart will take
but all you will find
will leave you but [?]

[verse 3]
carry out the ribbons
put flowers in your hair
dance in the clear streams
and rejoice what you hold dear
but sure chance that tumbles down
riding riding across your path
heavy on your shoulders
heavy on your head
there’s a void in your conscience
that’s driving you insane
it is harder now to breathe and to trust
and you won’t understand

[verse 4]
but all you will find
the trouble of mine
but you gotta find a way
yes try to find a way
to get you back on your feet
and now on no sudden terms
hold your defeat
yes while you swim against the tide
and just hold on to get on your feet
and all the heavy rain and all endlessness
will just create your defeat

[verse 5]
slow down slow down
on that machine
is onto the ground
the eyes will look down on you
the troubles that you’ve been through
but all you will find
the trouble of mine